The Health Benefits of Skylights

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If you have been considering adding a skylight to your home, you may have only been taking into account that they are a fantastic way to brighten and liven any space. Many people overlook the benefits that incorporating skylights into your space can have for your health and well being.

An increasing large number of people spend far too much time indoors, limiting the amount of essential vitamin D they receive. Natural sunlight is one of the only sources of vitamin D for humans, and introducing a skylight into any space can drastically increase the amount of natural light, and thus Vitamin D, you receive.

But what does Vitamin D do, exactly? Proper, healthy levels of vitamin D have been proven to help prevent osteoporosis and weakening of teeth, and have also been linked to preventing some fatal diseases such as cancer.

Skylights are a fantastic way to achieve a balance between achieving enough sunlight exposure to maintain healthy Vitamin D levels, and protecting the skin from too much harsh light, as they provide a soft and gentle daylight that can be filtered throughout a whole room.

You might already know this – but sunlight isn’t only good for the body, it’s also good for the mind! Recent research shows that daylight exposure is fantastic for improving moods and productivity. This makes them a great addition to any home office or bedroom – as exposure to natural light will instantly help your performance or help you start your day on the right foot.

These benefits are exaggerated in the elderly – many older Australians will spend extended amounts of time indoors and can often feel depressed, lonely and as though they wish they could experience the beautiful sunlight again. For many, the addition of a skylight to their space can drastically improve both their mental and physical health.

If a healthy dose of vitamins and happiness wasn’t enough – skylights have actually also been proven to assist in developing proper healthy sleep patterns. The production and release of melatonin – the body’s natural sleeping hormone – is controlled by sunlight exposure, meaning a skylight may help those with issues sleeping tune back into a natural circadian sleeping rhythm.

We all know how much a good night’s rest can help  – it can make you happier, more productive and increase your energy levels throughout the day, not to mention long list of physical health benefits.

So what may at first appear an addition thought of solely for the aesthetic benefits, will also be a fantastic addition for you and your family’s health.