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Add Natural Light With Skylights

Is your home or office dark, and no matter how many curtains you open, the light just doesn’t come through? Have you considered installing skylights?

A skylight can completely change the character of a room, adding light, and a sense of space and style. The main benefit of installing a sky light is the cost savings associated with increased natural light. Rooms with a skylight require less artificial lighting, resulting in a decrease in energy costs

Types of Skylight

    • Roof windows – Roof windows are a popular choice for cathedral ceilings and flat roofs where there is little roof space.  Roof windows allow you to see directly outside and are usually openable, allowing heat to escape.
    • Traditional skylights – Traditional skylights are square or round in shape and they consist of a roof dome and ceiling diffuser.  Sky lights typically have long white, coloured or flexible light wells, a diffuser panel fitted at ceiling level and  can be vented or non-vented, fixed or operable.
    • Tubular skylights – Like traditional sky lights, tubular skylights  consist of a roof dome and a ceiling diffuser but the dome and the diffuser are joined by highly reflective tubing. Tubular skylights transmit sunlight  down a highly reflective light well and diffuse it at ceiling level around the room.

Benefits of Installing Skylights in Your Home

skylightsAllow more natural light into your home

skylightsProvide more privacy than windows

skylightsImprove health and well being

skylightsReduced energy bills


skylightsAdded value to your home

Complete Roofing design and install quality sky lights that are built to perform and last. From residential to large commercial installations, we have the solution to suit all requirements. Our professional adviser will work with you to help you choose the right sky light and positioning to maximise the flow of natural light into the room.

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For more information on skylights, download ‘Your Home, the Australia Govt guide to environmentally sustainable homes’ guide to Passive Design