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Complete Ventilation Systems

Complete Roofing offers complete solutions for all commercial, industrial and home ventilation needs.

Benefits of Ventilation

home ventilation penrithTemperature control

ventilation systems penrithReduces condensation, mould & mildew

roof ventilation penrithHelps control fungi growth and termite action

industrial ventilation penrithImproved air quality

ventilation penrithReduced air conditioning costs

Whatever  style of ventilation system you choose, whether it be a roof system, sub-floor system or living space system, Complete Roofing has you covered, no matter your budget. We will tailor a package that is just right for you that will add value to your home and bring comfort during the hotter months.

Roof  Space Ventilation Systems

Whether you choose a SupaVent system, Wind Vent or Whirlybird, a roof space system will reduce the build-up of heat in your roof by allowing heat out and letting cool air in. Roof space systems drastically reduce the temperature of your house on those hot summer days, and will also maximise the efficiency of any insulation you may have or want to install. Roof vents also work to expel dampness, which can adversely affect your home’s structure over time.

Sub Floor Ventilation Systems

Sub floor systems are effective in keeping moisture and mould out of your home, this can also help alleviate termite action, fungi growth and even help with household allergies. Complete Roofing currently use ecoFAN products which are capable of removing up to 4,000 litres of stale or damp air a minute. Imagine what that can do for the damp air beneath your home or office.

Living Space Home Ventilation Systems

Living space systems breathe new life into your living areas. By removing heat in summer, controlling moisture and encouraging fresh air into your home, our living space systems will help you create a healthier and more comfortable environment for your family. From your living room and kitchen to the garage or laundry, Complete Roofing has the perfect home ventilation system to suit your needs.

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